Monday, January 23, 2012

About me!!!

Hi There!!! 

I am just an ordinary girl who has always been concern with her weight. I was never a skinny nor a fat person, but always had some extra pounds to loose.
I  never payed attention when people said that loosing weight gets harder as you get older. But now on my mid-20's I realized I should have listen to the advice of others.
Just like many I love to eat, but hate to exercises. But after bordering 150 pounds I decided that this attitude had to change. I decided to eat healthy and force myself to exercise. However, my diet/exercise plan would only work for couple weeks, and fall apart rather quickly. After getting engaged in August 2011 I thought I had a bigger incentive to loose weight - to look beautiful in my wedding day. I was able to loose 15 pounds in a manner of couple months. However, the stress and busy days of my last semester in school got my out of track - and I put all of it back.

The begging of a new year - 2012 - lead me to my new's year resolution - To be in the best shape of my life.  Planning and choosing a date for my wedding, also push me to a good start. Every bride wants to look beautiful and fit in their wedding day, and I am no different. I am decided to shed my extra pounds off, have a balanced and healthy life, and fit beautifully in the perfect wedding dress. 

You are welcome to join me in this journey!!