Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Tofurky - Tofu sausage???

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Ok so the first vegetarian like tip I would post here is the tofu sausage from Tofurky.
I bought them at Wholes Food, and I am not sure where else you can find them.
I was initially looking for the Field Roast vegan sausage but saw Tofurky right next to it for almost
half the price, so I thought I would give it a try.

Picture retrieved from Organic at your Door
My opinion on this tofu sausage??


It tastes good for sure - at least to my taste, BUT when comparing with Field Roast, well then it is another matter. It just does not compare to it. Field Roast is WAY better.
But it is a cheaper alternative nevertheless.
Tofurky is obviously made from tofu, so it does have a little tofu chewiness that I do not remember having with the Field Roast. I am not sure what the Field Roast sausage is made of, but I will check next time I purchase it.  


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