Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - PUSH UP INTENSIVE - DAY Three!

I just finish day 3 of the BodyRock 30 day challenge, and let me tell you, I am about to pass out.
Today's workout was not as intense as the day 2, but it was intense core, focusing on push ups.

Set your interval timer (I use the  HIIT interval training app on my phone for now) for 12 rounds of 50/10 (50 second work / 10 second rest).

The BodyRock video skipped one exercise, so I added one, plus followed they advice on variations for beginners, and for doing the repetition with products they use. I have nothing other then a yoga mat, and a exercise ball.

Here is says:

"You will need your Interval Timer, Dip Station, Ugi Ball, Sandbag, Swiss Ball and Exercise mat but as always there are no excuses not to take part in these workouts as the modifications are at the end of both video’s show variations on how you can change the workout to suit your needs and your personal fitness level."

Here is my list of the workout:

- Speed Run
- Superman Push ups (PS: These are killers)
-  Squat Jumps
- Squat Jump + Jump Forward + 3x Low Squat Jump
- Regular Push Ups
- Side Jump  + 2 Knee to Elbow Abs + Tuck Jump
- Push up + Sumo Left and Right Knee touch
- Triceps Dip (on the couch) +  Cross Abs movement
- Overhead Abs
- Squat Jumps
- Speed Run

Good luck to you!!!

UPDATE - If you are following the challenge here is the video.

 Video and workout retrieved from

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