Monday, February 27, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge (HIIT) - Day ONE - Fitness Test!

Besides my weight #1 for a new start, I will also post a little bit about the first day of HIIT.

I will follow a HIIT 30 day challenge program, and day one is just a fitness test. The fit test consist of writing down how many repetition you can get done in a 50 seconds interval. At the end of the 30 days I will take the test again to see my improvements.

If you want to follow the program, I am doing the HIIT program from 
I started the January 30 day challenge even though we are almost in March.
BodyRock is awesome. I totally recommend.

Even though I just started the program I am following them since they were only on youtube. The main host was still Zuzana at the time. She is now on her own (I believe).

Here are the results for my fit test:

Squat Jumps - 17
Push Ups - 17
Burpees - 6
High Knees - 64
Switch Lunges - 10
Tuck Jumps - 10
Straight Abs - 14

OW it was harder that I thought. I could totally do more abs but I got sooooo tired with the other exercises that once I laid on the ground I just could not focus on crunches. 

I hope I have improvements by the end of the 30 days challenge.

UPDATE - If you are following the challenge here is the video.

 Video and workout retrieved from


  1. I will do this exercises in Brazil!!
    Send me the website please??!!

  2. I added the website to the post!!