Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food Track Advice!


For me one important thing for a successful diet is to track your food and calories, as well as calories burned through exercise.
There are tones of websites that have a food, and fitness tracker.
I personally use Spark People. Besides tracking your daily intake of food - with calorie count, and fitness, the website also have tones of recipes, tips, forums, etc.
Another great thing about Spark People is that besides calories they show how many grams of fat, sodium, carbs, protein, etc you have eaten.
You can set your goal, and change it as you progress, based on your goal. Based on your goal, they let you how much calories, fat, carbs, proteins, etc you have to see each day. In addition, at the end of each day you can run a report that tells you how you spend your calories that day. The report also tells you what nutrients you should increase the intake of.
I really enjoy. I makes you learn more about what you eat. You have a true idea of the calories count of that damn good brownie.

Another really cool thing about Spark People is that you can add your own food to the food list. If you did not find exactly what you are looking for, or if something is not on the list, you can just add it. Even better you can create/type your own recipes, and they will figure out the calorie count per serving. You add the recipe to the list, and they will also appear to your food list.

Another cool feature in their website is the goals you can set. The one I have I believe is already set up in their page, if you have the goal or not, which is to drink more water - at least 8 cups. You can just add the number of cups you had through the day.

It is very easy to use, just take a little time to play around with it, and you will see how easy it is.
They also have a smart phone app, which is very convenient, and what you add through your phone will be updated on the website as well.

Trust me, track your food, and you can loose weight quicker.



  1. I go to check the Website "Sparkpeople" and I want to put your name in "Referred by Username".

    What is your username?

  2. Bru
    You know if the Spark People is like the Boa forma App?

  3. Rozinha,
    my username is "brudsd".

    I never used the Boa Forma App by I believe it is similar. There are many calories counting websites out there. :)