Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hungry Girl!

Yeah I am a hungry girl fan!

Hungry Girl is not anything new (She even have her own show now), but if you never heard of it you should check it out.

Hungry girl is a website and free email subscription service about healthy eating. It started in May 2004, by Lisa Lillien. On its website you can find tones of healthy low calories tips, and products, as well as a list of low calories and swaps recipes. Hungry girl has a cooking show in both food network and cook channel. 

I am a hungry girl subscriber, and fan. I love some of the recipes and tips. And although I stopped reading its news and emails top to bottom, I always check the emails, and fully read recipes that I like.
Recently, with the media success of Hungry girl, the amount of products that they promote is just a little annoying to me. It is nice to learn about new healthy and diet friendly products but receiving emails about the same products over and over again, just shows me that their focus have changed a little bit. The profit/commission making focus just shows through, and while I totally understand it, I got a little tired of receiving emails about vitacakes every other week.

But by any means I regret and consider ending my subscription. I just do not have the time to check the website all the time, so receiving the email is practical, and I can just ignore the one I do not like it. By know, just by reading the subject line I know if I will open or delete it.

If you had never heard of Hungry girl, go check their website. It is a good source for low calories recipes. I will definitely post some of my favorites in here.


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