Monday, February 27, 2012

Starting it Over!! Weigh in #1.

I know it might sound like an excuse, and it probably is, but the last couple of weeks were truly crazy. I did not had much time, and the gym was the first thing I ended up cutting from the day. WRONG - I know.
On top of that, things were so busy that I did not even had time to go to the grocery store. Me and Justin (my fiance) were literately using up the stuffs we had on the pantry, freeze or freezer. That
means that the diet part of my plan did not work very well too.

I'm a little embraced about it. The main reason for this blog was to inspire me to get fit while inspiring other as well. Shame on me for not doing that. 

I decided to start it over. Week 1, Weigh in #1.

So I cannot use time as an excuse, I will try a different type of training. I have researched, and selected couple High-intensity interval training (HIIT) to try out.
HIIT is usually done in less than 20 min, and work all the muscles of your body.

To not waste my gym membership I will continue to go to the gym to do some cardio, specially on the beginning. As the name explains, HIIT is really intense, so I am not sure how I will feel the first couple of days. Thus, if I am really sore I will take a day break from the HIIT, but still go to the gym to do some cardio, that way I am still working out, but forcing my body to the extreme -  like it will be with the HIIT. With time, I can hopefully do both HIIT and cardio on the same day - when time permits. :)

Wish me god luck, and I promise to be on track now!


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