Friday, March 2, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - 400 Repetition Workout - Day 5

Today was such a busy day. But I could not use this as an excuse for not doing my workout. Luckily today's workout was not a hard one.
I got home from work and had 40 minutes to workout, take a shower and get ready to go out to dinner. That is the nice thing about a quick workout. It is overwhelming but I was able to be ready on time. Well...maybe just couple minutes late. :)

I finally gave a break to my arms. I am not joking they were burning yesterday, and very sore today.
I am glad there is no push ups involved in today's workout, otherwise I do not know if you would make it.
Remember push yourself, but do not get injured. If hurts too much, give yourself a break.  This is supposed to be a life change, not a quick weight loss, so skipping one day it is not going to hurt you. JUST do not take this advice literally - skip a workout if your muscles are really sore, not because you just do not feel like working out :)

Anyways, there is no interval timer today, just a regular one to see how fast you do this 400 reps workout.

Here is the workout:

75 High Knee Skips
25 Lower Lift Abs

Pretty simple. Just repeat that 4 times, and write down how fast you could get done.

UPDATE - If you are following the challenge here is the video.

 Video and workout retrieved from

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