Monday, March 19, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - CRAZY Monday - Day 19 + Day 22!!!

Crazy Monday starts now. Two bodyrock workout - day 19 and day 22. Let get back on track!!

Day 19- Rep Challenge:

25 Push Ups 
100 High Knee Skips
25 Sit up Abs (with legs elevated)
100 High Knee Skips
25 Squats 
100 High Knee Skips
25 Triceps (couch)
 Not too bad. My time: 8:14. 
What was your time?
Here is the video for day 19, followed by day 22 workout.

 Video and workout retrieved from

I used day 19 as a warm up for day 22, and kept going, with only a  minutes break.

Day 22 workout:

1 Push-Ups and Jump Over 
Side Straddle Run’s & Burpee’s 
Squat and Woodchop
Plank Jumps 

I sorry no scores today. Just noticed I did not had a pen near by after I already had started the workout. I have to admit that I cheat a little bit on the last rounds. Instead of burpees I did squat jumps.

 Video and workout retrieved from


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    1. I am fine, sore muscles here and there. But ready for today's workout.