Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - Day 10.

Just got done with today's workout, and I am out of breath.
If you are following the BodyRock challenge yourself, or any other HIIT program remember to push your self to your limit. HIIT is a short workout but you have to end it completely wiped out. I usually finish my workouts and literally trow myself at the couch. 

Set your timer (12 rounds of 50/10) and do 2 rounds of the exercises. Do not forget to write down your scores.
Here is today's workout and scores:

Squat - 15/14
Squat Jump - 20/10
3 Tier Push ups - 10/11
Reverse Push Ups (couch)- 17/15
Squat & Press - 14/14
Switch Lunge’s - 17/14

Am I an beginner??? For sure. Take a look at Lisa-Marie ( host) score:

Clean & Press using the Pink Sandbag – 18,20
Squat Leaps  - 34,33
3 Tier Push ups – 11,10
Reverse Pull Ups using the Dip Station – 23, 22
Squat & Press using the Pink Sandbag  – 34, 32
Switch Lunge’s – 46, 41

What was your scores? I would love to know.

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