Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - Day 24.

Today's workout was a combination of Lisa and Sean workout. I always leave Sean's workout out of the mix, since Lisa's workout is enough for me, however today, the normal workout is the combination of the two.
Lisa's workout focus on arms, and a little bit of core, and Sean's work is pure leg workout - squat intense. I changed up a little, and in order to not get the main muscles burning in pain, I switch between Lisa's and Sean's workout (with a lot of modifications). 
Here is what I did:

Push-up + Jump - 7/7
Squat + hold down with 2 mini squats - 15/12
Walk Plank - kind hard to score.
Squat Jump - 22/16+5 regular squats
Commando Push Up, Roll & Mountain Climbers - 2/2 (kind hard to do more then 2)
Squat & One Leg Lift - 10/15

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  1. hey! way to keep bodyrocking! i have been holding out on actually purchasing the sandbag that's on their website and saw you made your own that looks way awesome! were you planning on showing how you did that because i think it is a great idea and yours turned so cool!

  2. Thank!
    I promised to put up a tutorial on the sandbag but things got just too busy. But I will probably put it up sometime this weekend :)