Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BodyRock 30 day challenge - Day 8.

Sorry for the delay. I truly did not had time to post day 8 of the Bodyrock 30 day challenge.
Yesterday's workout was not bad. It was easy to follow, and a good warm up for the week, after a nice 2 days break.

Set timer for 12 rounds of 50/10, and here is the workout I followed:

2x Press-up and Tuck Jump + 10x Straight Punches 
2x Press-up and Tuck Jump + 10x Hook Punches
2x Press-up and Tuck Jump + 2x Straight Punches + 2x Hook Punches
2x Low Abs + 2x High Abs

 Video and workout retrieved from BodyRock.tv

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