Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - Day 9.

Right after posting yesterday's late workout. I did today's workout. I really got sweaty.

Like always set you interval timer for 12 rounds of 50/10.
Here is my modification to today's workout:

Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee (Alternating sides)
Switch Lunge
3 point jumps + Right and Left Knee to Elbow
2x Tricep Dips + 2x Knee Tuck (couch)
Pike Push-up + Regular Push-up

I increase to 2 tricep dips + 2 knee tuck, because I was not feeling it with only one. When doing the knee tuck, try not to touch your feet on the ground that way you really work your core muscle.
Regarding the Pike push-up that is demonstrated on the video - I just could not get it done. I have pretty weak arms, so I just did a pike push-up (the high "push-up" Lisa shows on the video) followed by a regular push-up - and that was a killer to me already :)

 Video and workout retrieved from BodyRock.tv

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