Sunday, March 18, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - I got completely out of track!!!

Sorry guys but I got completely out of track!!!

I will have to blame on St. Patricks' days weekend!! :)

On Saturday I was supposed to be doing day 19 workout since I missed one of the days and was out of the schedule. Well, bodyrocking this weekend just did not work. So too correct the whole challenge I have taken my rest days, which is technically day 20 and 21, and will do both day 22 and day 19 on Monday.

The good side of all this is that now I will be back on the regular week schedule. Complicated? Maybe, I hope you guys can follow my line of thought here! :)

I also apologize for not putting up the sandbag tutorial on Saturday as I had promised, but I just had too much fun this weekend!!!

How was your St Patty's Days??? My was awesome. 

I did not drink too much like many people do - I am just not a big drinker any more - old times....old times!!!
You are probably thinking, what the hell she is talking about it, she is just 24 years old.
Well, in Brazil (were I am originally from), things are a little different. I start drinking and going out to clubs and bar when I was 14.
When I was 15,16 years old I was going out Friday, Saturday and Sunday, taking shots, and only going back home at 6 am!
Now days I cannot even smell a shot of tequila that I get sick. My drinking is also minimal, which to be honest with you is great - specially while trying to loose weight.

On Saturday I had only 5 beers and 1 Kahlua on the rocks. Not much considering this was divided throughout the entire day.

Anyways, not really looking for the 2 workout I have for tomorrow, but lets go go go.

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