Friday, March 23, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - Last Day??? NOOO - Day 26 and 27

Day 26 is considered the last day of the 30 day challenge...ODD!!! I think what happened was that BR accounted one month as 30, as well as 4 weeks.
Anyways, today is supposedly the last the day of the bodyrock 30 day challenge, and also last fit test. However, I decided to take the regular 2 days active rest days today and tomorrow, and have the fit test on Sunday. That way my muscles are fully rested and I will have a better idea of my fit test results improvements. 

I am excited to see my score, and compare it with my initial score.


  1. Props to you for doing the whole 30 day challenge!! :)

  2. Thanks. It was challenging at first, but it is just amazing. I loved it. You should tried if you have never done so! Totally worthed.