Monday, March 26, 2012

BodyRock 30 Day Challenge - LAST Fit Test - Day 28

Yesterday was my last day of the 30 days bodyrock challenge. 
Last day means last fit test.

I was too far from middle point fit test, but the improvements from day one fit test are impressive.
Here are my scores for fit test #1, #2, and #3.

                               #3             #2             #1
Squat Jumps -        27             25             17
Push Ups -             16             16             17
Burpees -               10               7               6
High Knees -       120            123            64
Switch Lunges -    24              18            10
Tuck Jumps -        16               16            10
Straight Abs -       23               23            14

I have to say I was extremely tired after the fit test, and was out of breath after the third exercise. I know from previous workouts that my maximum high knee repetition is 140 -145. So I think the fact that I am starting to get sick might have affect my scores a little. This Friday I started having a sore throat and earache. I also felt very tired, and with very little energy the whole weekend. But last face it, even being a little sick, my results were really impressive compared to what I started with. 
I am very happy and impressed with it. 
Thanks Bodyrock!!!!

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