Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let's Talk Wedding!!!

This blog is supposed to be about my weight loss until my wedding day. But I feel like since my wedding is so far away, we haven't started any major planning yet, and this is probably why I haven't talked about wedding a lot. So let's talk about the wedding a little bit!!

Even before my engagement I already knew everything I wanted for my wedding. Yeah I am that kind of girl - I would always fantasize about my dream wedding.

Color - It has to be my favorite - purple. A very deep purple to keep it classy, and probably gold to go with it. 

Dress - I know exactly what I want, which can be a pain when it is time to go dress shopping.

Day - I always thought about a spring or fall wedding. Since our first date was in September - fall would be appropriate. When we set to get married in 2013, we didn't even had a hard time picking the date -  since September 7th, 2013 falls in a Saturday - September 7th will be.
     It could be more perfect. September 7th is our first date anniversary. It is also Brazil's independence day and Justin's father birthday. Guess what? If Justin ever forget our anniversary he is a dead man - There is NO excuse what so ever :)

Ceremony - For the longest time we have discussed where we  wanted to get married. When we decided to get married in Washington DC, Justin said he really wanted to get married at the St. Mathew cathedral, and that is in fact why we are only getting married in 2013 - no September dates available for 2012 :(

To be honest we still haven't booked a date yet. Justin is soooo busy with work that he has been working every single weekend. 
We really need to book the date in the church and start checking venues so we do not have to wait one more year :)


  1. You need to book the date because we need to know!!

  2. I know. I know. We really need to book. Will do it soon!