Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Recipe Blog - Slimming Down Recipes

Hello guy,

As I started posting recipes on this blog, I had a vision of the recipe page I wanted. However, with very little html and css programming skills, I could not figured out how to add a page with a completely different layout then the blog. That resulted in Slimming Down Recipes - a blog dedicated to low calories and light recipes that do not lack flavor.

The blog is still under construction - I still have to play around with the html code, so I can get exactly what I want. But since it is pretty close to what I wanted I thought about sharing it with you already.

I will still post my food posts on this blog, but the recipe itself will be linked to Slimming Down Recipes.

Hope you guys like it.


  1. I Loved the Slimming down recipes!!


  2. Add green vegetable and salad in your meal to make your look good and reduce weight.