Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: Low Calorie No Pudge Brownies!!!

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I really do. While I am all picky with food, you can give me any dessert, sweet or candy and I will devour it in a matter of seconds.
 But being a sweet tooth while in a diet equals disaster. Every night - I meant every single night - after dinner I crave something sweet.
Being in a diet is a torture if you like sweets. Any sweet tooth will agree with me.
When I came across No Pudge brownie mix I went crazy. I am not kidding. I was on my Pj's when I read about it, and I got out of bed, and ran out the door in a matter of second to hunt for this treasure. I believe you can find in any grocery store by now. It is off course by the dessert, cake and brownie mix isle.

Picture Retrieved from No Pudge

The best part about this product is that you can bake the whole box, or as individuals portions. Lets be honest, everybody bakes a box of brownie promising to eat only one little square, by the end of the day half of the pan is gone. If you are not like that good for you because I am.
So having the option of making individual portion - and the best on the MICROWAVE - is awesome.
You merely add vanilla yogurt to the mix, and microwave for a minute or two.

Picture Retrieved from No Pudge

It is absolutely DELICIOUS. And with only 120 calories per serving - sign me up.
They have different favors - original, cappuccino, raspberry, and mind. I always buy the original though.
The direction says to add low fat vanilla yogurt, I just add whatever yogurt I have in the fridge - to the original off course. If you purchase a different flavor I would stick to the vanilla flavor.
My favorite is cherry yogurt. It gives a hint of cherry flavor. 

Another good one is sour cream. I know it sounds disgusting but it works, and it is actually quite good. I found to make the brownie fluffier. But maybe it is just my head.

I totally recommend this treat, just control yourself and do not eat it every day. Diet is amount MODERATION!!!


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