Monday, March 26, 2012

SandBag Tutorial

Many people asked me for the sandbag tutorial, so here it is. I am sorry I didn't put it up before, but I haven't had a lot of time. I also learned my first blog lesson, never promise to post something at a specific day if you are not 100% sure you can do it. :)

I am finally putting it up, and that is what matters right?

I cannot take credit for it as I followed the tutorial on Nehta's facebook page.
Here is a little more details about the tutorial, and my modification on it:

What you will need:

- 1.5 to 2 yards of fabric (The amount of fabric you will use depends how big is the height to start with, how well you cut your fabric, how much waits you have with mistakes ;). Also look for a very thick fabric that will resist the impact and weight of the sandbag)
- 5 yards of webbing
- a 19 inches zipper (The only 19 inches zipper on my fabric store was a very weak one, so I actually had the lady made my own zipper that they sell by the yard. Just pay attention to get a heavy duty one.)
- Upholstery threat (Very strong heavy duty threat).
- a large needle -  size 18 (110)
- Sewing machine (Duhhh)
- ~ 5 inches of foam
- A lot of time and patience.
To be quite honest the 2 last items are the most crucial ones. You will definitely need time, and a lot....a lot of patience. But it is totally worthed, at least it was for me. I like to sew so sewing my own sand bag was fun, and definitely cheaper (not considering opportunity cost). But if you do not like this trade, then forget about it. 
My personal opinion is that if a person do not like to sew, and to make diy projects, then you are better off paying $100 for it, and wait for it on the mail. Sewing the sandbag was a lot of work, and if you account the opportunity cost of it, then it is not worthed. But if you like sewing and making diy projects then go for it.

 I do not master at sewing. I considered myself to have intermediate skills, and it took me a WHOLE Sunday to get the sandbag done. Because of bad posture while sewing I also had a huge backache the next day. So police yourself, and add a good posture to the list of things you will need. ;)


Pictured Retrieved from Nehta's facebook

1) Cut your fabric.
    You will need: -  2x   50 cm (19.6 inches) by 72 cm (28.3  
                                       inches) rectangles (I double the fabric so  
                                       the bag is stronger)
                             -  4x   23 cm (9 inches) circle
                             -  7x  18 cm (7 inches) by 11 cm (4.3 inches)         

2) Cut your foam.
    You will need:  -  7x   4.5 inches by ~1.1 inches rectangles (it 
                                        should be 4.5 inches long, but as wide as  
                                        your webbing)

3) Cut your webbing. 
    You will need:  -  4x  60 cm (23.6 inches)
                             -  7x   23 cm (9 inches)

4) Sew your 2 rectangles together. As well as the 2 circles.
5) Sew the four 60 cm (inches) webbing to the rectangle. Spaced as the picture below.

I am guessing the measurements as I forgot to measure it before sewing it together. So I am not 100% sure the measures are correct. Just use your best judgment and space the webbing somehow scaled to the picture above.

6) Sew the edges of the smallest rectangles. 

7) Place the webbing between 2 foams (like a sandwich), leaving the same amount of webbing on both sides, and wrap the fabric around it.

8) Sew the fabric lengthwise, to secure the foam into the webbing. Sew both sizes of the fabric after that. Do this for all 7 handles.

9) Sew the handles on its appropriate places - like the picture below. (I place the handles by guessing where it should be, and ended up forgetting to take the measurements before sewing it together). Do not forget to sew the 2 handles on the middle of the 2 circles too.

10) Add the zipper to the the end of the rectangular.

11) With the bag inside out add the circles to the ends of the bag (one at the time), but remember to open the zipper when sewing the second circle so you are able to reverse the bag to the right side afterwards.

ALL DONE!!! You now have a homemade sandbag. 

PS: When sewing the handles I made sure to sew in a cross pattern, and went back and forth in the same place as much as 3 or 4 times. Remember this is probably the place that will receive the biggest weight impact, so you want it to be very strong.


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for posting! I may have to show a friend as I am hopeless when it comes to this kind of thing! But I hope mine will turn out like yours! Also, have you thought about completing the 2nd bodyrocker challenge or did you do both already? keep up the solid work!

  2. I just did the February challenge. Thought about starting the March one, but then got hooked in insanity. I am just waiting to get my hands on it.
    I will always keep bodyrock in my routine though. It is a great fast and effective workout.

  3. I think is great!! Thank you for shearing , I will try to make it for my Wife! Greetings!!!

  4. Bruna, looks like it's professionally made. Awesome.

  5. Thanks guys. It was a lot of work but totally worthed.

  6. this is like the coolest thing eveeer :D
    thank you for sharing :)

  7. This is brilliant. Think Ive found my summer craft idea :) what thickness of webbing did you use?

  8. Thank you so much! Just finished my sand bag going off your tutorial and the linked tutorial! Can't wait to use it! Keep on body rocking!!

  9. I'm currently in India and gonna get one of the local bag tailors to sew me one!...or 2!

  10. Wow! Seen alot if diy, but this one is perfect!! Thank you for showing!/R

  11. Great I love it, Now I can do my bodyrocxk easily without worrying about what to use as a sandbag.
    Keep up the good work