Saturday, March 31, 2012

What juicer to buy?!?!?

I have a long...very long wish list. In the kitchen appliances department I have three that I took me weeks to decide which one I should buy first. They are:

- Exalicabur Dehydrator
- Nice/Powerful Blender. While the Blentec or Vitamix is what I really want. Spending $500 in a blender is still crazy to me, so I decided to go for the Ninja System.

I decided to choose by elimination. It was easy to cross one of choices out - the Excalibur.  I already have a Nesco dehydrator, and even though it is not a Excalibur, it does the trick, and it works perfectly. So the Excalibur can wait.

From the list of 3 I narrow down to two - Juicer or Blender.  Picking one was really hard. I have a regular kitchen blender, and although it is not spectacular, I can live with it. To be honest with you I am totally ok with that. I gave it a test and it crushes ice just fine. I also thought - I do not  even use the blender very much. But then I thought - Well that is probably because I do not have a really nice one.

Anyways, I went back and forth for weeks, until I decided that I am getting a..... JUICER!

After making that decision, I realize it was not a good one. If I had chosen the blender I already knew which one I was getting, but now I have no idea which juicer to get.
So I have another decision to make. Which juicer to purchase?
Just like the blender I would love to have a Omega juicer, but I am sorry I am not paying $400 for a juicer.
I decided to pick one that is somewhere between $100 to $150. I did some research, and come up with some options:

- Jack Lalanne Power Juicer
- L'Equip Mini or Big Mouth
- Breville (going toward the JE98XL model)

I had to - again - pick one through elimination. The first one I crossed out was the Jack Lalanne. The infomercial say that the juicer produces 30% more juice, but I found many bad reviews about it.

I start to leaning towards the L'Equip Mini. Overall the Mini already yield a lot more juice that even the Big Mouth L'Equip. However the Breville is also really good.
The main problem is that I did not find any comparison between the the Mini and the Brevelli, and now I have no idea which one is better.

To be quite honest I would pick the Breville just for the look. The Mini only comes in white or gray, but the Breville has the stainless steel look.
However I know is not the best idea to pick a appliance base on looks only.
So I need some help, if someone can help me that would be great.
Does anyone owns a L'Equip mini or a Breville (any model, but specially the JE98XL)??? Let me know what you think about it.


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