Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insanity at my door!!!

I was so excited when I saw a little box on the door (with my name on it) that I was jumping around, and doing silly dances for half hour. Too bad I am not joking. I really danced and jumped for awhile - there was no one in the house :)  

I got so excited that I even forgot to tell you guys.
Just as I posted my overview of BodyRock I remembered I forgot to let you guys know that I finally received my insanity DVD.

It did not take too long, a little over a week. But I was soooo anxious that a week seemed like a long time. Specially when We had multiple boxes delivered to our house last week. Every time I saw a box on the door steps I would run to open the box, but ended up being completely disappointed after figuring out it was not for me.
It is funny how life goes. This Tuesday when I saw a box on the door, I literally got my hands on it without any excitement, because I knew it was not going to be for me. SURPRISE...SURPRISE....IT WAS.
 That is when I started dancing around :)

 I got what I believe is the deluxe package, which come with 13 DVDs instead of 10. It also comes with a nutrition guide that I am planning to follow for maximum results.

I decided to start the Insanity next week. Probably Monday, but maybe on Thursday, if my fiance allows me to break our bet and have a little more sugar from fruit for 3 days (out of my no sugar April) so I can do a juicing cleanse before starting Insanity. Lets see what happen.

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  1. We will need to talk about it, OK?? I don´t know what is Insanity and...I can understand the BR adaptations...