Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Juicer Saga

But let me tell how the history unrolled. 

After days thinking, and rethinking which juicer to buy. After hours researching about both juicers (Breville or L'Equip), I finally decided which one to get. It ended up being the Breville. Not the JE98XL that I was leaning towards but the BJE510XL model. It was definitely more expensive but from what I read it was also better.

The only reason that was holding me back to make a decision was the fact that L'Equip offers 6 years warranty in the juicer, compared to only 1 year with the Breville. It got me thinking that maybe L'Equip really trust and stand behind their products. BUT, lets be honest the Breville is just better. It is more powerful, while also better looking.

But you are wrong if you thought I got the Breville.
When I had finally decided in the Breville, I had the stupid idea to ask my fiance for his opinion. And guess what???? After his half hour research, he comes back and says: "I do not think you should buy neither the Breville nor the L'Equip". Please just picture my face - ready to pull my hair out, and punch him in the face. Then he continued: "It seems like the Omega is the best juicer out there." 
So Can I punch him now? NOOOO. That is what I wanted from the beginning, so I could not be happier. It is more expensive but you definitely get a better juicer, and the cleaning is not a big deal like some reviews.
PS: How come that men just make life so much easier than women? 

Now the only problem was which OMEGA should I buy? Here we go again.
Now I had to decided between the 8006 or the VRT350.
They are more expensive, but besides yielding more juice, the juice is a better quality since it masticate the fruits and vegetables instead of centrifuging it at high speed. It is also the best juicer to juice leaf vegetables. But the best - The Omega is more then just a juicer, it also makes nut butters, and even pasta.

I had already go from $150 to a minimum $300 (for the 8006) to almost $400 (for the VRT350). Do I have to say that it was a hard decision again.

You are wondering which juicer I picked???
I am not joking that the next day one of my friends gave me her older juicer - before I even had the time to think about which Omega to get. She knew I was trying to decided in a juicer and gave me great tips in what to look for. She then realizes that after a long time juicing, she never touched her juicer again, so she decided to gave it to me.

It is a Juice Lady's Juicer. A very good juicer many many years ago :)
It is not a Omega, but it does the trick. And what my friend told me totally makes sense - A lot of people buy a expensive juicer, and ended up not using as much as they thought they would.
So i decided to start with this one, and see how much juicing I will be doing. 
To be honest with you I do not think it would be much. But if I do then I can take my time and buy the best juicer or my needs.

I test out the juicer she gave me and it works great. I could not be happier. 

So after all the time spend thinking, researching, and wondering I ended up got a juicer for free.
Now I am all set to start juicing :) 

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