Sunday, April 1, 2012


If you remember a month ago I made a bet with my fiance that I would loose 8 pounds in a month (2 lbs a week) while still eating sweets/sugar, otherwise I would have to spend a whole month without any sugar. I always told him that having a little bit of sugar while dieting was not a big deal. However he is completely against sugar and sweets.

Since I did not loose the 8 lbs I told I would I will have to stay the whole month of April without any sugar. 

Because he thinks that I would eat a bunch of sweet fruit to replace the sugar and I think it is completely unfair to not let me have any fruit. We have agreed that I can have 40 grams of sugar FROM FRUITS per day. 
He was actually really nice. I was thinking more like 30 grams. But once he said 40 I just keep my mouth shut. :)
I will still try to remain under 30 grams per day. We will see if I can though.


  1. Bru,

    I just did my first day of the challenge... Lord I'm dying here lol..

    1. lol I told you. You think 12 minutes is not much, until you do it. You will love it trust me. Just stick with it.

  2. No sugar April?? Are you OK?? It´s Eater Bru...Good Luck sis!!!