Thursday, April 5, 2012

Overview: BodyRock

I was always intrigued by BodyRock's videos. Ever since I found Zuzana's videos I was hooked (3 years ago). I tried to followed some of the workouts before but thought it was way to hard for my strength and fitness level. So I would just watch it and hope that one day I would be able to follow it. 

It was just couple months ago that, desperate to loose weight and to be fit, I decided to give it another try. After a long time without checking the BodyRock's YouTube channel(charliejames1975) I was surprise to see that they had a new host for the workouts - Lisa-Marie. I then learned that Zuzana and Freddy (the two people behind BodyRock) had decided to end their relationship as well as the partnership. Zuzana has her own YouTube channel (ZuzkaLight), and workout routine (same style though). I started to watch Zuzana's workouts, but haven't followed it yet, so lets focus on BR for now. 

Now the new BR's host gives beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications for each exercise, and in every video. That made the workouts a little less intimidating to me, and that is when I decided to give it a shot. 

I decided to follow the February 30 day challenge, and no need to say I started with the beginner's modifications. 
The 30 day challenge involved following the workouts 5x a week, and taking 2 days off as an active rest days. That being said, you can rest from the workout routine, however you have to get yourself moving, like walking, running, hiking, cycling, or whatever you enjoy doing. 

Even not using any weight, besides my own body weight, I saw AMAZING results in only 30 days.

In a matter of two weeks by arms were much toned and defined than before. Unfortunately I did not take before and after pictures, but I swear to you the results are real.
It is nothing to the extreme, but a big deal for me. 
My arms have muscles and a definition that I had never seen before. My legs are also toned.
The abs are basically the same. I still have to loose some fat on my waist, so abs definition are far from being seen. Not discouraging though - legs and arms are a good start.

Besides the visual part of it, I also gained strength that are shown on my fit test results done at the beginning, middle, and end of the BR challenge.
Fit tests results:

                               #3             #2             #1
Squat Jumps -        27             25             17
Push Ups -             16             16             17
Burpees -               10               7               6
High Knees -       120            123            64
Switch Lunges -    24              18            10
Tuck Jumps -        16               16            10
Straight Abs -       23               23            14

I think BR is a great High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) workout that increase your metabolism rate, while also increasing the afterburn effect. That means that even at rest, you continue to burn calories. 

BR is also a quick (12 minutes) and simple workout, that does not require a gym membership or any major workout equipments. (Although they use many of them - sandbag, ugi ball, dip station, etc - you do not need any of it, or you have the option of cheaper alternatives). 
BR can be done at your own time, and anywhere - literally. It can be done at the gym, at your house, or even hotel room.
And the best is totally FREE.

There are no excuses. If you are busy, traveling, or broke $ - you can still do BodyRock.
I totally recommend it. 
By any means it is a easy workout, but push yourself to your limits, and you will see it is not bad at all. 
Do not be intimidating. 

Will I continue to BodyRock? DEFINITELY. 

I will always keep bodyrock under my sleeves for days when I am really busy or travelling. However as right now I feel like I need more cardio. I have some weight to loose, and while the afterburn effect of bodyrock is the best, I need more moving. 
I have the time right now, so why not spend it working out?! 

I decided to give Insanity a try (I always wanted to), and I am just waiting to get my hands into it to get started. 
Insanity and Bodyrock are very similar, the only difference between the two is how they handle the intervals. But lets talk about Insanity another day :).


  1. Hi Bruna,

    Are you still doing the beginner's routine? Have you advanced to more tougher ones? I am doing the beginner ones as well and want to advance to the tougher exercises...but too many equipment!!! Sandbag, Ugi ball, dip station, stability do you keep up?

    Any comments/thoughts will be much appreciated and like you I am impressed with BR and I would like to take it to the next level but am kind of bummed about the too many equipment part. I don't mind the timer :-)

  2. hi, i'd love to know how you did with insanity. i'm also a bodyrocker, kinda :)
    i love lisa but i just feel like there's tooo much equipment, and wanted to check insanity. So can you write about the difference? does instanity require strict diet? what's it like??? thanks :)