Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am Back!!!

I am sorry for being away for so long, but things got a little out of control. BUT, I am finally back, and hopefully for good.

I stopped posting because I finally got a job. Since It was my very first real full time job I couldn't find time for anything. It did not help that the first project I worked on had A LOT of overtime. I would get home from work really tired, and I would literately eat dinner, and pass out.
The major project I was working on is now over and I had a nice 10 days vacation out west (Mount Rushmore, Jackson Hole and the Wonderland - Yellowstone). While taking that break I realized I really need to come back and post more often on the blog. Starting the blog definitely helped with the weight loss, and being away just messed up things. (OPS)

So I am back!!! On the blog, and on track to slimming down for the dress

The Big Day is almost a year from now!!!!

I was very shocked and pleased to see that even without posting anything I had a lot of visitors. I hope I did not disappointed any of you. But, as I said I am back, and I promise to have new posts, and updates in this blog. Please keep following, and do not hesitate to leave comments and tips, if you have any. 



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